Hydrangea Explosion- 30 Days Wild day 7

I could see them as we drove up the driveway. Huge plump blossoms of cobalt and sky blue. Giant hydrangea bushes that dominate gardens at this time of the year. Magical in all their colors from bright and bold to delicate pastels. Blossoms holding secrets, whispered to bees, butterflies and perhaps fairies. A multicolored hydrangea... Continue Reading →

Night~30 Days Wild~day 5

Monday here today and a very busy one at that. After almost six hours of teaching online I was drained but we had to run errands. I had no real time to get outside today. Well, I did do a little bit of of pottering but during these 30 Day Wild my focus is spending... Continue Reading →

30 Days Wild- day 3 The Mountain

Great weather today- blue skies and perfect temperatures. Instead of going to Hiraodai we drove up to Hikosan mountain. Hikosan is full of trails but we like to go slowly. Sections of the trails are difficult. Chains have been installed to assist you as you haul yourself up steep rocky areas. In some places a... Continue Reading →

30 Days Wild day 2- scent

Rain again this morning. Clouds hung low leaving our town,as far as I could see, shrouded in thick grey fog. I could barely make out the huge old trees that surround the local shrine. They were ghostly silhouettes coming in and out of focus. As I was pouring my coffee I noticed that another one... Continue Reading →

30 Days Wild- Day 1

Five-thirty am and the sound of Chibi-chan’s little paws pattering back and forth on the tatami mats woke me up. Soft grey light filtered in through the shoji screens. No sun today. That typhoon that just hit the kids in Guam and the Mariana Islands is bringing us cool and rainy weather. That’s okay. All... Continue Reading →

From Barley to Water World

I was on my afternoon walk and saw that the end of barley season had come. Planting and harvesting is generally done as a community in our area. Cleaning up the fields. The area was buzzing not with bees but with little orange and white harvesters. Harvester humming along. My husband’s family plants rice so... Continue Reading →


Just a short update because I’m excited! A while ago I wrote this post about “our swallows”. This morning when I went to check my flowers and potter around a bit….I saw tell-tale splatters of mud on the concrete! That could only mean one thing at this time of the year- swallows! The old nest.... Continue Reading →

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